Additions/New Construction

Build a Home That Fits All Your Needs

Are you adding on to your family? Having in-laws move in? Helping take care of an older relative? Or building a new home? 1 OAK remodeling has architects, designers, project managers, and quality workers ready to help.  We’ll get you the space you need at a reasonable cost. Contact us today for a free quote.

Homes should fit all your needs. Your needs and desired lifestyle seem absolutely important when you are thinking about a room addition. 1 Oak Remodeling is a reputed home remodeling contractor that has expertise also in new construction. We are working to meet your individual home renovation needs and provide you with rich choices. Our home addition solutions are durable and provide you with extreme satisfaction.

We have skilled contractors that understand your needs carefully and ensure you get all your home building needs under one roof. Our services are conveniently available and add value to your home immediately. If you are planning to build a new home, have us as your contractor and feel the pride. We take your large-scale construction projects and listen to your post-contract concerns as well. We always believe that creating a modern home is not at all a tiresome job. Whenever you think about it, call us to get started instantly.

When you get your home renovation projection straight in mind, money would be the only concern for you. We keep home improvement cost low to make sure you can afford to add extra space to your home according to your needs. If you want premium home remodeling solutions, feel free to get in touch with us.